Christmas Special was a community made mod that included the following people

  • Matt101
  • mondaybear21
  • Not Mario
  • Wibi
  • XAngelmoonX
  • Jackeea
  • Kirb
  • Fiship
  • Terry Cavanagh
  • plokmijnuhby
  • TheMysticSword
  • Hinita/Orange(柑/ひなた)

The mod adds a brand new character(Lady Luck as a dice),15 new enemies, a new remix soundtrack by XAngelMoonX, and a mix of original items and items from various mods This mod was the first mod to:

  • Make an 8th playable character complete with cutscenes at the start and end of the episode without crashing
  • Make Lady Luck a playable character
  • Be a collaboration between modders that didn't fall apart and went through
  • Be a unofficial mod that Terry Cavanagh helped out on
  • Make the prize wheel land on a prize
  • Make a new host that isn't Lady Luck
  • Have completely new credits complete with new fantastic credit art
  • Have cut scenes that say different things based on whether the wheel is won or not for different characters
  • Make a new host that does introduction lines
  • Make Witch have 3 spellbooks

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