The Consistency mod was created to fix inconsistent wording and grammar in equipment's descriptions, remix rules, and gadgets. It (should be) compatible with any other mod, though it may change how some equipment behave if they look at item descriptions. The current version is 1.3.1.


  • Standardized grammar (“Do [] damage” on one line, effects on another)
  • Changed all instances of “deal damage” to “do damage”
  • Changed all instances of “recover health” to “heal health”
  • Standardized status effect text:
    • Changed all instances of “add poison” to “inflict poison”
    • Changed all instances of “add thorns” to “gain thorns”
    • Changed one instance of “add mana” to “gain mana”
    • Changed most instances of “gain shield” (and other variations) to “add shield”
      • Deflect is still “block damage”
    • Changed most instances of “inflict shock” to “shock equipment”
    • Changed most instances of “inflict weaken”/“weaken enemy” to “weaken equipment” (except for PU items)
    • Changed most instances of “inflict freeze” to “freeze dice” (except for PU items)
    • Replaced “Dodge next attack” with “Dodge 1 attack”
    • Replaced “Curse enemy” with “Inflict 1 curse”
    • Replaced “Silence enemy” with “Inflict Silence”
    • Freeze/burn/shock-all equipment now has a symbol (consistent with freeze spell+)
  • Equipment that generates dice is more consistent (roll X 1's → roll X ones)
  • Mana-consuming equipment looks more consistent
  • CPU adjusting equipment looks more consistent
  • Reworded a few items to make them more straightforward (Campfire)

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