Some of these conventions are pretty arbitrary and just thought of right now.

Naming conflicts

When your mod has a naming conflict with another mod, yield if the other mod had that name before you did, or ask the other modder to yield if you had that name before they did.

Yielding for equipment can be done by just placing an @ comment after it, e.g. Generic Sword@genericmod.

Yielding for fighters, skills, remix rules, etc. requires coming up with a new name entirely, or inserting a blank symbol somewhere, e.g. Generic Gadget[]. The blank symbol cannot be seen in-game.

_merge conflicts

Oooh, this one's tough. Some people _merge properties into existing skills or equipment as to improve how they work with the modder's own items. If multiple modders get the idea to do this for the same skill/equipment, compatibility between those mods will break.

I don't know how to resolve this. I guess if you want to _merge into something someone else has already _merged into, you can just reach out to them and ask them to implement your _merged properties and do vice versa for theirs. This solution only works because the modding community is super small; if it were something like The Binding of Isaac's we'd need some solution incorporated into the game itself.

_merge and statuseffects.csv

  • pierce: Jackeea for More Fluff, clarifies the effect's description
  • dice_trigger_1/2/3/4/5/6: ncrecc for ncrmod & its Jr., clarifies the effect's description.
  • vanish: ncrecc, changes the status's display name to “Vanish all” to avoid confusion with newly introduced “finite” Vanish

_merge and skills.csv

  • Robot Roll: XenonZed for The Grab Bag, adds functionality for a “your first calculation each turn does not increase the CPU counter” status.
  • Overload: ncrecc, lets the gadget work with arbitrary statuses
  • Stardust: ncrecc, adds its finite Vanish status as a possible status to inflict
  • One More Roll: ncrecc, very minor super-edgecase fix in case it's received as a gadget somehow; item will not use robotroll() if user does not have a CPU counter.

_merge and fighters.csv

  • Wisp: ncrecc, adds cheeky secret first words.
  • Keymaster: ncrecc, adds unused super variant and endgame last words
  • Mimic: ncrecc, made it work with a no-longer used “swap a random equipment with the enemy” rule so it would not gain a random equipment if it didn't have Mystery Box.
  • Sorceress: ncrecc, adds possibility for Vanish-type equipment
  • Aurora: ncrecc, adds possibility for Vanish-type equipment

_merge and equipment.csv

  • Inventor Gadgets: ncrecc, adds functionality for numerous complex gadgets (e.g. with passive effects)
  • Robot Calculate: ncrecc, initializes variables for certain possible jackpot rewards
  • Witch Spellbook: ncrecc, allows a certain item that swaps forms every turn to do so as a spell in the spellbook
  • A bunch of other stuff, crap. For ncrmod, every equipment that inflicts Silence is changed to inflict an enemy-compatible version of it, every equipment without a gadget was given a gadget, and numerous equipment were made to work with classes who aren't meant to receive it so Yolanda/random item zaniness may ensue (e.g. for non-Robots, Mechanical Arm does damage equal to how many dice you start with, for non-Witches, Lunasa replaces the equipment in your nth equipment slot). If you _merge something into an equipment that doesn't have a gadget or refers to Jester's deck, chances are I did too, and you should contact me and tell me to incorporate your changes. I'm on the dicecord.

_merge and remix.csv

  • Wisp: ncrecc, changes wording to account for Vanish now having a different effect in PU.

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