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The Editor is a secret mode in Dicey Dungeons that you can reach by holding Shift at the title screen. Once you do that, the “Credits” option will change to “Editor”.

Once you check a box that lets you know the whole game will be spoiled, you can simulate fights in the game using the Editor.


If you click “Change” under the word “player” you can select a player dice. They will have the skills they usually have during episode 1.

You can set the amount of dice/CPU each character starts with, and you can also set their maximum health.

For most characters (Warrior, Thief, Robot, and Inventor) you are allowed to give any item in the game to them, as well as upgrade their equipment and level them up. You can teach spells to the Witch (although you are limited to size 1 equipment) and you can give cards to the Jester and remove them.

As of this version, it does not seem possible to set a gadget for the Inventor in the editor.


If you click “Change” under the word “enemy” you can select a enemy for the player to fight. This list is sorted by level, with bosses being in level 6. If the enemy has a Super variant, you can click a checkbox to make sure the enemy will be Super when you fight it.


Once you've set a player and an enemy, you can start the battle.

The battles are fought as normal, although the background and music will be randomized.

Once you've won a fight, the screen goes back to the normal Editor screen (although right now it will crash after you select a new gadget as the Inventor).

Clicking the flag at the top left will return you to the Editor screen, instead of opening the “Run Away” prompt.


  • Completing any challenges or achievements in the Editor mode can crash the game. This is especially noticeable if you inflict 5 burn, freeze, or shock in a single turn.
  • The game crashes after scrapping an Inventor's item to create a new gadget.

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