Halloween Special

The Halloween Special is a Halloween-themed mod with the same developers and playtesters as Dicey Dungeons itself, making it a sort of free expansion. It came with some changes to the modding API to make most things here doable, although there are still some hardcoded bits, such as the proper custom credits page.

In this level pack, all enemies are dressed in costume and there's some new twists in each of the three episodes that the Warrior, the Inventor, and the Witch will have to face.

As of Version 1.12 released on October 22, 2021, the Halloween Special is now available as a choice in the Bonus Episodes menu.

Episode additions

Enemy additions

Equipment additions

Gadget additions

Status additions

Halloween Special adds four statuses:

  • Haunted, which rerolls a random dice then removes one stack of itself whenever you use an equipment.
  • Block All, a variant of Reduce by that lets you ignore all damage but disappears when your turn ends.
  • Spooky Fury, a variant of Fury which has a 50% chance to use the next equipment twice which lasts until something triggers it.
  • Swap Next Target, which causes the next equipment used to swap targets.

Music additions

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