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Allen Key

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Allen Key
Allen Key
Episodes Inventor Special
Size 1
Requirements 2 dice must sum up to 6
Upgraded Requirements 2 dice must sum up to 9
Weakened Requirements 2 dice, both max 3
Effect Combine dice
Gadget Battle Wrench


Allen Key is a piece of equipment in the Halloween Special that combines two dice, similar to the Spanner. However, they must sum up to the number listed on the equipment.

It can work with Scythe and Manic Laugh, since Scythe curses the user on 6 and Manic Laugh deals quadruple damage if the user is cursed.

The upgraded version can only really combine a 4 and a 5 into a 6 and a 3, so there isn't much use in upgrading this equipment.

Drop Information

Inventor Special:

  • Shows up in chests and shops on the first, second, and third floors. It has a higher chance to show up on the second floor.

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