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Episodes Inventor Special
Requirements None
Size 2
Upgraded Size 1
Effect Destroy all equipment, Do 4 for each destroyed
Weakened Effect Destroy all equipment, Do 3 for each destroyed
Gadget Oh No!


Pandemonium is a weapon which destroys all other equipment on the turn it is used and does 4*(number of equipment destroyed) damage to the enemy. The effect is the same as the error effect on the Robot, meaning that items like the Buster Sword are immune to the destruction effect.

Equipment destroyed by Pandemonium will come back next turn.

If Pandemonium is used under the effects of Swap Next Target, the user will take damage equal to 4 (or 3 if weakened) times the number of equipment cards the enemy has, and the enemy will be unable to use any equipment for the next turn.

Drop Information

Inventor Special: May show up in chests and shops on Floor 2 and 3 in the same run as Buster Sword.

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