Mutate is a gadget for the Inventor that turns the enemy into another enemy. It is usable once per turn.

This does not change the enemy's HP. However, it does change the equipment and the innate properties of the enemy as well, with one exception. Enemies can transform into Drake and get the Vampire status, requiring the use of the Wooden Stake to be removed, which you likely won't have. Transforming Drake will still require the transformed boss to be defeated using the Wooden Stake.

If Mutate changes the enemy to an enemy of a different level, the experience gained is changed to the experience the new enemy usually gives (equal to its level).

Mutate can transform an enemy into a boss; however, beating an enemy that has been transformed into a boss does not end the episode.

Transforming the enemy does not change its dialogue if it has anything to say after the fight.

Effect Randomize enemy

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