ncrmod is an abandoned mod by Wibi. Part of it was used in Tennis.

Status additions

  • Vanish: Normal vanish is renamed to “vanish all”. What is now called “vanish” is delivered in finite amounts, decreasing whenever a dice is successfully vanished. Fool's Fire still uses vanish all.
  • Vanish?: 50% chance to vanish a dice whenever you use any equipment.
  • Error: Errors a random enemy item at the start of their turn.
  • Silence: Silence has been reimplemented so that you can now silence enemies. This puts a two-slot shock on what is deemed their “most important card” (e.g. Bounty Hunter has Yoink silenced, Handyman has Hammer silenced, Wisp has Fool's Fire silenced). When Silence? is applied to enemies, their most important card is weakened.
  • Paralysis/Restraint: Shocks/weakens the enemy whenever they use an equipment directed at you.
  • …And the rest!: Boring stuff like “illuminate but shows which dice was stashed” and “fire but stays between turns” and “thing that helps this remix rule function”, you get the point.

Episode additions

Warrior and Inventor each get one episode where all non-enemy equipment is either completely new or recontextualized (e.g. Starspear normally shows up for Robot but not Inventor), one episode serving as a bonus round version of the previous episode but with only ncrmod-exclusive rules, and one episode serving as a bonus round that combines ncrmod equipment and rules with normal equipment and rules. Warrior's skillcard is also completely different; each turn, it randomly becomes one of 22 new dice manipulator skillcards, plus Combat Spatula and Combat Roll.

Oh, Robot and Jester have episodes now also. And Inventor and Robot get two special gimmick episodes.

Remix rule additions

While no one was looking, Wibi added forty remix rules. They added 40 remix rules. That's as many as four tens. And that's terrible. Some highlights:

  • Wisp?: Swap all fire equipment with vanish equipment, ala Marshmallow. Takes advantage of the introduced stackable vanish.
  • Val?: Replace everything currently equipped with random items of the same size and color.
  • Copycat?: For the 1st turn of each fight, you have the enemy's equipment.
  • Warlock?: Ten random status effects are made different.
  • Bounty Hunter?: Inflicting Burn also inflicts Shock, and vice versa.
  • Mimic?: You are always Confused. (The status where all your cards become gray and all titles and descriptions are unreadable. Does not apply to the overworld.)

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