Tennis was a community made mod that included the following people

  • Sefcear
  • Dummy
  • Not Mario
  • Wibi
  • Neypah_Tit

The mod adds a brand new boss(Lady Luck),58 new enemies, a new original-songs-mixed-with-random-copyrighted-music soundtrack by Wibi and Sefcear, and a mix of original items and items from various mods This mod was the first mod to:

  • Make Backstage Lady Luck fightable without Backstage rules without crashing
  • Make Lady Luck a fightable boss
  • Be a collaboration between modders that didn't fall apart and went through and wasn't a seasonal special
  • Be a unofficial mod that Terry Cavanagh included playing it as a challenge for The Pyramid: Ultimate which is some card game Olexa is doing apparently
  • Make the prize wheel have other prizes on it
  • Make a new host that isn't Lady Luck
  • Have completely new credits headers complete with admission that Tennis 2 will never exist
  • Have endings that say different things based on whether Paul beat Lady Luck or not
  • Make a new host that does ending lines
  • Make Inventor have 2 inventories

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