Tips and Tricks

Here you'll find important modding tips and tricks to help you on your modding endeavors. This page is unfinished, so there's not much information in it as of now, but modders will update the page often about techniques and jank.

  • Mod Compatibility(?): This within a generator can check for any specific modded item (the enemy doesn't matter):
var skill = new elements.Skill("GetEquipment");
var self = new elements.Fighter("Loud Bird");
var all = self.getvar("all");
trace("One Weird Tip: " + all.indexOf("One Weird Tip"));

“if indexOf returns a non-negative value, you know that more fluff is running. The skill would just run self.setvar(~all~|getequipment())” - Codyfun123

  • (Please continue me with your own tips and tricks)

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